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CD's, Videos and DVD
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Welcome to our web site!

This site is designed for you, to get cheeper CDs Videos and DVD's.
Any artist any Genre and any Actor. We have got it.

To order a cCD, Video or DVD cvould not be easier just send an e-mail using the contact linkand tell us what you would like (DVD PLEASE STATE WHAT REGION 1 OR 2) and send a cheque and we will deliever in the next week. CDs are from 9.99 and single CDs are 2.99 2 OFF @ THE MOMENT.
See below for all prices.
"different rules apply for united states of america and Canada"

CDs          9.99 album   2 off
CDs          2.99 single  2 off
Videos      10.99 for all
DVDs       14.00 for all

CDs have 2 off marked price
U.S and Canada Customers please
 e-mail me for instructions on how to pay.
CD's $12.00
single CD's $5.00
(will work on a u.k video, u.s customers may still purchase this video)
DVD's all $18.00
Region 1 and/or 2 please state when ordering
Please get in touch and order your CDs, Videos, DVDs
You can e-mail us at: